Who Am I?

I have been teaching voice privately in Sonoma County since 1984. In the course of my musical journey, in addition to singing, I have played several instruments: violin, flute, guitar, percussion and piano. A singer-songwriter from my teens through my early 30’s, I find myself particulary drawn to working with students on this path. I have performed in a variety of musical genres: folk, classical, rock, blues, gospel and jazz. I have sung in small ensembles and large choirs as well as being a soloist in all these styles.

My formal education culminated in B.A. degrees in Expressive Arts (1979) and Theater Arts (1991) from Sonoma State University. In addition I have studied jazz improvisation with Rhiannon, Bennett Friedman (SRJC) and Mel Graves (SSU).

From 1979 - 1982, I sang and recorded with a local progressive rock band, Aircastle. I was one of three singers in the jazz ensemble, Savvy (1985-1994) with whom I performed at both the Russian River Jazz Festival and Harmony Sweepstakes. I have been a member and featured soloist with both the Occidental Choir (1984 -85) and the New Sufi Choir (1994-2000). Since 1985, I have performed in numerous theatrical productions in the county; some for which original music was composed, i.e. Boneseed, Story of a Mother, and The Descent of Innana. I have also collaborated with other musicians and poets in the creation of several original cabaret shows combining song and spoken word.

I am currently a member of Rising Moon Playback Theater based in Sebastopol, California, where I also reside and teach.