To Perform or Not To Perform?

Some singers do; some don’t. I will support your choice, though sometimes I will question what’s behind it......i.e., if you choose not to, is it just the fear of stepping into “the spotlight” ? If so, we will navigate that fear together, should you choose to work with it and overcome it.

Perhaps you are simply called to explore your voice, to become familiar with a part of yourself you may feel alienated or disconnected from. Through pure sound improvisation, breath and vocal exercises, you will begin to unlock your voice and ultimately yourself.

If you like, I will help you choose your material.....songs which reflect your true nature. However, I do encourage students to embark on their own “song searches,” which is such a vital step in defining your own unique identity as a singer.

I offer a series of workshops October - May which culminate in a show each year in late spring. These workshops are designed to develop a sense of willingness and trust to be present in front of others as you express yourself, whether you are speaking or singing.

I have experience in producing shows and would be delighted to guide you in this process, should you decide to produce your own show. Whatever your choice, to perform or not to perform, I will support your creative journey.