Fran Carbonaro is more than a teacher of voice and music. She has the ability to work magic on her students such that latent qualities of soul unfold. Fran is gentle and understanding but very, very persistent in directing her students training, the result is that the student achieves levels of performance that exceed their expectations.

Fran's warmth and encouragement as a teacher provides an atmosphere that makes the scarey business of learning to sing easy and fun. With Fran's help I am learning that sound and deeper breathing open the body in delightful, unexpected ways. Who knew learning to sing would be such a trip of self-discovery!

I came to Fran frustrated and desperate after attempting to work with a different vocal coach. I had an extreme disconnect between my head and chest voice widened by straining and singing incorrectly. As an aspiring musical theater actress, the issues I experienced with my voice were critical. Not only was Fran able to detect that I had vocal nodes, she also led me through the process of healing the tissue and ridding my voice of the defect. Through speaking exercises, vocal warm ups, and proper technique as applied to songs we chose, my voice has matured and blossomed. The deadlines she’s set for working toward her amazing showcases helped motivate me to work hard and take the process seriously. Her wide array of sheet music and knowledge of theater along with many other genres has been invaluable in preparing for auditions. Thank you Fran for all you have done for me....you have set me a few steps closer toward achieving my dreams.
C.S.G (16 years old)

Fran was my voice teacher, mentor and friend for the better part of four years. She explained vocal technique in a way that was easy to understand and always made learning feel very organic. I still use her teachings to this day, whether performing onstage or teaching my own students. She introduced me to new composers and her passion for music made singing a joy in every way. Fran not only taught me singing but incorporated performance and acting into everything we did - which was so very valuable. With Fran as a teacher I starred in numerous high school productions, gained acceptance into NYU's musical theatre program and am now a working theatre professional. I remember her home as a safe haven where I was allowed to do what I loved best and improve upon on it. I recommend her wholeheartedly to any young singer looking for a encouraging instructor and a wise guide through the world of singing.

Fran has been an incredible inspiration for me. I began a journey learning to sing with her as my guide, and I am still on the path. She is encouraging, positive, knowledgeable and a gifted teacher. Working with Fran continues to be a spiritual and fulfilling growth experience.

It hadn't occurred to me to sing when I was a child, and so when I started to write songs in my late twenties, I had no idea how to find my voice. I have had many voice teachers over the years, in California and in England, but it wasn't until I started working with Fran Carbonaro that I found a teacher that not only believed that I had the ability to sing my songs but also has the mastery to teach one how to, step by step, nurture the confidence of vocal expression to finding one's own unique voice. Part of the unexpected magic of this journey was that Fran also helped with crafting my songs. C.N.

As a result of the two plus years I worked with Fran, I not only improved my voice skills, I learned more about who I am and what I’m capable of. Fran is a supportive, diligent, knowledgeable, and loving teacher. I would recommend her to anyone who has been on the fence about exploring their singing potential.

I began taking lessons with Fran over three years ago because she is one of the few contemporary voice teachers in Sonoma County. She's a very nurturing instructor. I am now comfortable with performing thanks to her workshops. M.T.

I am a singer songwriter and studied with Fran for two years. She is a great mentor. Using her knowledge of music and songwriting, as well as her own personal experience, Fran helped me make my songs that much better. Whether it was through a slight lyric change or changes in the actual musical construction, I valued everything she had to say. Fran has helped me express myself through music.

At 55, I started my first ever individual singing lessons. I needed both training and confidence to present my own material. I found Fran's sensitivity and willingness to enter and support my songs incredibly helpful. Each lesson is a journey of discovery. They continue to be a real joy.

I feel deep gratitude for the amazing skill and loving support Fran brings to my renewed passion for singing. And I am especially appreciative of the supportive and creative way she is helping me with my songwriting work.

I have been taking lessons with Fran for one year and I love it ! My voice has improved so much since I started. It’s really cool because my Mom’s taking lessons, too. So the two of us get to practice together. I love performing at Fran’s shows because it gives you a chance to show everyone how good you’ve gotten.
A.W.B. (age 10 years)

I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Fran. She helps me to express the parts of my voice that have been in hiding. She is joyfully supportive of, and sensitive to, my needs as a student. She guides me with patience to find what is right for me. My daughter also studies with Fran. It is inspiring to observe how enthusiastic she is about what she is learning and how steadily she is improving.

I have been seeing Fran for 3 1/2 years. When I came to her I couldn’t carry a tune and had no sense of pitch, but I loved writing songs and was learning to play guitar. Since then, I have learned to sing and express the lyrics in my songs. She also helps me with my writing. She’s great.

My daughter Ashley has been working with Fran for the last four years or so. Not only has her voice grown and strengthened measurably but her comfort level with performing has blossomed as well.

When my oldest daughter asked for voice lessons, I wasn't surprised as she had always sung in choir and loved to sing. The surprise was not how much her voice improved under Fran's tutelage. The surprise was how she blossomed. Fran said that she needed to find her voice and in fact that was the real goal. My daughter always had strong opinions but was reticent to express herself, her relationship with Fran as a teacher and mentor helped her to discover her voice and gave her the confidence to use it. When my younger daughter asked for voice lessons I knew we would have to have her sister's permission, as her relationship with Fran was sacred. Big sister said, "No Way", so once she was safely off to college little sister started studying with Fran. Little sister had access to her voice and it was BIG, Fran helped her know when to use it and how to modulate it. As a mother it was a joy to watch as my daughters' love of singing was nurtured and revel as their talent grew. But more importantly it was a joy to know that Fran was helping to guide them to womanhood.